Training system

Hydrorider has developed several training programs that offer a great choice of courses and workshops.

Training courses specialization for the use of the Hydrorider equipment :
• Hydrorider Aquacycling 1° Level – First Level Indoor Aquacycling
• Hydrorider Aquacycling 2° Level – Second Level Aquacycling
• Hydrorider Aquatreadmill Workstation Fase 1 – Introduction to the Use of the Hydrorider Aquatreadmill
• Hydrorider Aquatreadmill Workstation Fase 2 – Advanced training program for the use of the Hydrorider Aquatreadmill

Main Theme Programs:
• Hydrorider Hard Work 32 – Aquaboxing and more at 32 beats
• Hydrotekkenrider – Aquacombact inspired by the homonymous videogame

Consulting and Personalized Training Courses
The personalized training programs regard both the use of the Hydrorider equipment and Aquafitness in general, the main goal is to support the Fitness Center introducing new proposals and trends in order to encourage their clients fidelity, and improving revenue. The goal is to bring our clients to the reach an homogeneous high educational standard in order to:

• Optimizing programming and the use of the equipment
• Manage different typology of clientele in order to improve service and financial results

For Training courses in Italy and other countries, please contact us at:

For Training courses in the USA, please contact us at: